Great visit today at the #HighRoadsSchool in #Perryville. Hope to see some of you on campus! #ChooseCecil #collegevisit

Great visit today at the #HighRoadsSchool in #Perryville. Hope to see some of you on campus! #ChooseCecil #collegevisit

6 Words That Described My First Week of College

How are you guys doing during your first week of classes!? Summer is coming to an end and fall is on the horizon. In the spirit of Welcome Week I present to you the following article, “6 Words That Described My First Week of College”.

  1. Life Changing: As cliché as it sounds, it’s really true when people tell you that everything changes after high school. College is a whole new experience with its own set of challenges but also its own set of rewards. Even during the first week, you’ve made this realization and are ready for what the rest of the semester has to offer.
  2. Excellent: In a perfect scenario this should be everyone’s first week of college experience and I am happy to report that for most people- it is! You’re meeting new people, starting to get to know your professors, getting a feel for the campus and all it has to offer and it’s just a generally wonderful time.
  3. Nerve wracking: As one of my professors told me, “nerves are a good thing, nerves are your friend”. As counterintuitive as that sounds, time and time again it has proven to be true. Being nervous is healthy and with something as big as starting college it would be abnormal not to be nervous! Embrace your nerves, but you will quickly learn that there is not a thing to be nervous about.
  4. Exciting: You’re just getting your feet wet and the world is your oyster. There are so many opportunities that you can’t wait to get your hands on and the possibilities are endless. Besides that, it’s welcome week and every day there is something new happening! Who wouldn’t be excited!?
  5. Overwhelming: Yikes! Maybe your first week hasn’t been picture perfect and you’re feeling a little bit more than stressed out. Just like being nervous, it’s perfectly fine to feel a little overwhelmed your first week of college- I know that I did! It’s a big jump going from high school to college and it might take a little time to get used to. But fear not new Seahawks- these feelings of stress will quickly vanish once you find your rhythm and get used to the college flow.
  6. My favourite response came from my friend Alan, whose response was one simple word with a whole lot of power behind it- Awakening. This word, more than any other word on this list, completely encompasses the college experience. College is its own unique experience and a lot of people ‘find themselves’ in college. This self-discovery and introspection really does start your first week. You’re already considering your major, you’re taking classes that are helping you advance towards your eventual career, and if you’re a recent high school grad like I was, this whole “adult” thing was finally feeling real. College opens your eyes wider than they’ve ever been opened before.

Stress and nervousness will definitely be experienced during your first week at college, but these feelings are fleeting and just as soon as they came they will leave. However, your whole college experience is going to be exciting, it’s going to be excellent, it will change your life, and it will be awakening. We all have pivotal moments in our lives; moments that we can look back on and say “I’m a better person because I did this thing”. Let college be that thing. Enjoy the first week and enjoy the next four years even more. -Dezz

Major of the Week: Psychology

Hey guys! This week’s Major of the Week is Psychology! I know coming out of high school, a lot of my friends declared psych majors and it was actually my first major when I started here at Cecil. Because they’re all so busy starting the beginning of the semester, I couldn’t get an advisor to interview this week so I’ll give you the rundown of a psych degree.

An AA in Psych is a great place to start in your college career. Students can use this degree as a stepping stone toward long term goals in advanced education or they can even seek out entry level employment under the supervision of licensed psychologists! During your coursework you’ll gain a fundamental knowledge of behavioral theories and explore human thought processes. Here at Cecil we have a number of great psych classes; Educational Psych and Abnormal Psych seem to be two of the most popular ones.

With just an AA in Psych you can find many jobs that are in human services related fields- including, but not limited to; social services clerk, elderly home recreation aide, paraprofessional counselor, drug counseling assistant, and patient admission record keeper. All of those things after just two years! Pretty cool stuff, I’d say. The website, Education Portal, says “With an associate degree in psychology, one can become a human service assistant. This broad category is expected to have a 22% growth in jobs from 2012 to 2022, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The median salary was $28,850 for human service assistants in 2012.”

As we learned last week, most people don’t stop at an AA. These are just some of the possibilities that come from a two year degree, so imagine what you can do with your four degree and on top of that, your Masters and maybe even a PhD! Whatever the scope of your schooling may be, Cecil College is a great place to start! –Dezz

For more information about any of our majors, contact Cecil College at: 410-287-1000.

James #humansofcecil 1). what’s your dream job? “Civil Engineering” 2). Do you like summer or winter? “Summer”  3). Do you like shorts & t-shirt, or suit & tie? “Both”

James #humansofcecil 1). what’s your dream job? “Civil Engineering” 2). Do you like summer or winter? “Summer” 3). Do you like shorts & t-shirt, or suit & tie? “Both”

Major of the Week: General Studies

Hey guys! I’m starting an ongoing project on this blog called The Major of the Week. I’ll give you an overview of the major and, when available, some quotes and advice from the advisors here at Cecil. This week’s Major of the Week is the General Studies major and Kyle is our advisor of the week!

Alright, so some of you might be saying, “What is a General Studies degree!?” and I will gladly provide you with an answer! A user on a popular blogging forum said of the General Studies (also known as General Education) degree; “The General Studies major allows students to create their own academic path. As long as students incorporate some basic university requirements (core courses, areas of concentration) they are good to go. Students are required to meet with their advisors and create a solid academic plan based on the educational and career goals of the individual student instead of the goals and requirements as laid out by individual departments.”

The General Studies major is a great way to get your prerequisites (or prereqs) done for a new major, new program, new line of work (like taking classes before going into the military!), or in preparation for a four year university. Here’s what our advisor, Kyle, had to say about the General Studies degree! 

What are the benefits of a General Studies degree?

-You can pick and choose a major in order to explore your options if you’re unsure about what you want to study or do.

-You can create a major! If your four year university offers a major that Cecil does not, then you can create a schedule that suits your needs for your four year program.

What advice would you give to a first year student who is getting their General Studies degree?

-Start your research and homework about continuing your education now and have your end goal in mind.

-Just generally be knowledgeable about your future.

What would you say to someone who doesn’t think that a General Studies degree would be useful?

-Most people don’t stop at an associate’s degree, most people move on and a General Studies degree gives you the flexibility that you need for the future.

A great quote that I took away from our interview was, 

"There are plenty of doors that are opened by having a degree, regardless of your major"

I hope you all enjoyed reading the first Major of the Week entry and stay tuned for more! -Dezz

For more information about any of our majors, contact Cecil College at: 410-287-1000

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Meet the Blogger!

Hey y’all! My name is Dezzarae Crosler, but you can call me Dezz. I’m one of the Cecil College Ambassadors and admins of this blog. I’m entering my last year here at Cecil and I’m an Elementary Education major. I love the liberal arts and I’m a writer. I hope to teach second graders, preferably in a Title I (low income) school district. Cecil is really helping me reach my dreams of being able to give children the gift of a quality education.

We started this blog as a way of reaching out to you guys and talking about Cecil College- student to student. I (and all the other admins) will always do our best to keep you updated on college events and information. If you follow this blog and see me (or any of us) out on campus don’t be shy, come say hi! It’s always a great day to be a Seahawk! -Dezz

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It’s a wonderful day to be out in the courtyard! Maybe reading a book, getting ready for fall semester!? #CecilCollegeLife #ChooseCecil

It’s a wonderful day to be out in the courtyard! Maybe reading a book, getting ready for fall semester!? #CecilCollegeLife #ChooseCecil

Wonder what life is like as a Cecil Seahawk? Come to the Registration Office and find out! #cecilcollegelife

Wonder what life is like as a Cecil Seahawk? Come to the Registration Office and find out! #cecilcollegelife